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Buyer Services

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Buying your first home is an exciting, yet anxiety-provoking experience. This milestone requires a large cash deposit and a long-term commitment to mortgage payments. Welcome to the American Dream.

Condos, co-ops, DTI ratios, board packages, it can all seem a bit overwhelming. Not to mention you are shopping for a product that you have never shopped for before.

The bottom line is this process is a major emotional, financial, legal process that requires sound advice from professionals, and often the additional approval and/or reassurance from family and friends.

They key to building your comfort and confidence as a new buyer is education and preparation.

Our Process

  • Pre-purchase Consultation
    We review your goals and criteria for your search, map out the steps of the process, and establish expectations.
  • Financial Staging
    We review your finances and if necessary, make suggestions to stregnthen your profile. We will also connect you with skilled mortgage bankers, who will educate you on the financial portion and get you pre-qualified.
  • Neighborhood Education
    NYC is comprised of over 150 neighborhoods, each with it's own distinctive personality and architectural style. We will help you choose the right one for you.
  • Pre-Screened Properties
    Your time is valuable. We won’t waste your time showing you properties that don’t meet your goals and criteria.
  • Help Selecting a Real Estate Attorney
    An experienced, patient, but quick-moving attorney can move an accepted offer to signed contract smoothly and in a timely fashion. An attorney can make or break a deal, so it is important to choose wisely.
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  • Purchase Application and Board Interview Prep
    Preparing an attractive and acceptable board package is one of the most time consuming and important steps in purchasing a co-op. We will work together to makes this as smooth and painless as possible.
  • Post Closing Serive
    Our job doesn't end at the closing. We still at your desposial and can assist with setting up utilities, providing you with vetted service prodivers, and even with your renovations. We maintain life long relationships with our clients.