The Art Edition - 

The Art Edition - 

The Art Edition - 

Oct 22, 2019

The Art Edition

The first week of December happens to be my favorite week of the year and that's thanks to Art Basel Miami. In the spirit of Basel, I decided to dedicate this report to the wonderful world of art. As an art collector and lover, I often find myself in various conversations on the subject.

One of my favorites is about how art makes a residence a home. Art is much more than something that is on the wall or filling empty space. It's meant to be thought provoking, draw emotion, and tells a story. How do your walls make you feel?

As I child, I found myself attracted to art. I would spend hours sketching in my workbook and involved with extracurricular arts programs. Creating art fell to wayside as my life became more consumed by sports, but I never lost my appreciation for it. Fast forward to getting my first apartment in NYC and then Miami; I found myself prioritizing art. It was as important as the couch and bed. Since then I've realized that art is one of the few "material" things that manages to sustain my happiness, even after years of ownership.

Being in real estate, my clients often ask me for design ideas and feedback. It's so fulfilling to find someone a new residence and watching them transform into their home.


I often find myself sharing pieces that I see or inviting friends and clients to gallery openings that I think they would like. One of my friends has even asked me to curate his whole apartment.

Art can be intimidating if you are new to the space.Contemporary art is my favorite type and the shinning star of the art world. Below is a great article about how to buy and show contemporary art in your home.